Baby Sweater Question

I am making a baby sweater and when I get to the body it gets kind of confusing to me.

Bind off 11 (11, 12, 12) sts beg of next row –8 (10, 11, 14) sts. Work 2 rows even. Bind off.

and here:
Next Row (RS): K8 (10, 11, 14), attach second ball of yarn, bind off 22 (22, 24, 24), k8 (10, 11, 14).

Working both sides at the same time, work 2 rows even. Bind off.

This is a picture of how it should look:

But my sweater looks backwards with the lower set of stitches on the left and the higher set of stitches on the right? I think I messed up when I binded the stitches off but I’m not sure how.

They may be on different rows, but it won’t be so noticeable when you get it finished. The row you BO first and may look lower than the second row, will also finish up first so both sides will have the same number of rows in them.