Baby sweater & pant set - neckband

I have the back, front and sleeves completed! Pattern then states:

Sew front to back at right shoulder. Neckband: With smaller needles and right side of work facing, pick up and k47 sts around neck edgek including sts on holders. work 5 rows, etc. . . .
Where do I start to pick up sts.?

Are you making a button placket at the left shoulder? I would need to see the pattern to be sure, but it sounds like you would start picking up at the front left (as worn) edge where the shoulders would be connected if you were sewing them together and pick up working left, across the front, then on around past the right shoulder seam and then on to the back and around to where the other shoulder edge is in the back left. You probably have stitches for the back neck on a holder, and maybe some in the front as well, when you come to them you knit them off and then continue picking up stitches on the other side of the holder.

Hold the sweater with the right side facing you and start picking up stitches at the right edge and work all the way across the sweater. After you do the neck, you’ll seam up the left shoulder and edge of the neck stitches.