Baby sweater-My design

Here is a baby sweater I cooked up myself with some ideas I gleaned from things I’ve made recently. I made this sweater like you make a gansey, bottom up, in one piece. I did a three needle bind off for the shoulders and picked up stitches around the armholes and knitted the sleeves down on 4 dpns. Bands and neck are picked up and ribbed. Then I added some crocheted trim.

The color is not exact, but gives a good idea. There are little spotches of aqua and a yellowish green all over the white part. I made this with Patons Fairytale (DK weight), and the green borders are Patons Baby Astra. I used a little unknown baby weight yarn in aqua for the crochet trim and added yellow buttons I had in my stash. I’m happy with it. :woot:

That is adorable!!!

Oh so… cute!! :heart:

That is just precious! And you designed it yourself – wow! Good job.

Hi AGAIN Merigold!!! :waving:

:passedout: I am overwhelmed by all your wonderful knitting!

WONDERFUL WORK! Thanks for taking the time to share photos with us! We just loves show ‘n’ tell.

The photos feature is what puts KH miles and miles above the other knitting forums that are out there!

Very cute! I thought that the blue was handdyed at first.

So cute! I love all of the extra little details that you put in the sweater.

That is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! HOLY COW!!! I would have been impressed had you just followed a pattern but that you designed it as well… WOW! There are so many of you that are so talented and gloriously creative. :notworthy: I wanna be just like you! :wink:

I love the color choice as well as the beautiful way that you did the trim/bands! THAT is a sweater I would love to knit for my daughter, if I were at the skill level to do so.

Beautiful job. Congratulations!

That is truly beautiful! I love the crochet detail. :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone for the compliments!!:notworthy::aww:

I do not consider myself to be one of the truly talented knitters. Some people who have only been knitting a short time really understand knitting, I don’t. I didn’t knit anything without a pattern until 2001 and I figured out that I could make hats without a pattern. I once figured out how to replicate a little hooded, zip back sweater that someone had made, just by looking at it (very, very closely :lol:). That amazed me. I’ve taken a sweater and just changed a few details, but I’m trying to get more daring. It’s kind of scary because I wonder if I’ll get to where I can’t proceed.:whoosh: But it is fun to try.

I’m trying something wild right now, it may not work, and it may look funny, but I’m having fun.

One book that helped me with courage to try is Beth Brown-Reinsel’s book [U]Knitting Ganseys[/U]. Everyone may not like ganseys but they have a simple construction and going through her book step by step is like taking a class. :thumbsup: You can find this book at a library, but I liked it so much I had to buy one.

I really appreciate the encouragement I find here at KH. :grphug: Thanks so much. :hug: Merigold

It is just superb and the colors are just right!

Wow, that’s just adorable and i love the green ribbing, it adds a lot! :thumbsup:


I like that. Now just make one for MY SIZE!!! :wink:


So cute…looks downright edible! Love the apple green(?) border.


The edging is very pretty! I love it.:cheering:

That is so cute. Great job

thats so lush. aww yay you.

Thanks to all you guys for the nice comments. You’re great! :cheering:

Wow! That is beautiful, and I am so in awe that you designed it yourself!!! Fantastic!!

Great Job! I love the colors you chose!:woohoo: