Baby sweater knit in one piece?

I just finished a great baby cardigan in crochet that was worked in one piece from the bottom front, over the neck and down the back. No assembly was required, only side and sleeve seaming.

Does anyone know of any good free patterns for cardigans or sweaters for babies that are knit in this way?


here is one. There are a bunch of others on Knitting pattern central but you have to look through them all…

The 5 hour baby sweater is - it’s also known as the Quick baby sweater. You need to seam the sleeves, though they could be worked on dpns to avoing the seam.


It’s not free, but you could probably find her books in the library.

Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Surprise Jacket and the Tomten are both knit in one piece. The tomten can be done with or without a hood. I know the tomten is in “Knitting Without Tears” and “The Opinionated Knitter” I think the surprise jacket is in opinionated knitter, but I’m not sure.

On both of these you only seam the arms. The underarms for the tomten and the top of the arms for the surprise jacket. There is a thread going on in the knit-along section for the surprise jacket right now.

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