Baby Sweater & Hat

I just finished a sweater and hat to go with a previously posted blanket. Everything is made with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. The sweater and hat are from a Debbie Bliss book.

THe hat is extra thick because you make tw hats and sew them together to make a reversible hat.

Very nice. Love the blanket colours.

Very pretty, Ginny! I, too, love the color combo! Nice hat and super warm doubled!

That is so cute! Love the color choice.

You sewed the hats together? You can make a hat with an invisible cast on and when you’re done with one pick up the stitches from the bottom and make the second. Or you could do a top down hat and just make a long one and do decreases on the opposite one instead of increases. :wink:

Those are really cute! Love the color, and that the hat is doubly warm for the little one.

The blankie is pretty enough on it’s own . . . and you just tripled the joy here with the sweater and hat.

What a great idea!!! I’ll have to try that. It might not work with this paticular pattern because the inside hat and outside hat are different stitches and the “cast on” for the green was more than for the cream. Although I guess you could increase in the foundation row.

Hmmmmm I’ll have to gie that a thought. I did think the revesible hat idea was fun!

They look lovely !! Nice and cosy :slight_smile:

That would probably work. I made one for DH when we took a trip to Ottawa in February a few years ago. He liked it a lot and said it was very warm. I didn’t quite make it long enough, but he was happy with it anyway. :wink:

One thing to note…make sure you count rows or check for size. If one is too large or small it might make the hat wonky. :teehee:

I didn’t make this up btw… here’s a few patterns that shows how to do it.

I think this is the one I learned on -

Just beautiful. I love debbie bliss yarns and patterns. You did beautiful! :muah:

You work is always soooo nice, Ginny! I really like the color combination you chose, too!

Very nice work! They go perfectly with the blankie. Something a little understated is great with the bold stripes.

:happydance: Great job and what a cute set!

Very nice!

what a beautiful set!

Aww so cute!!

How cute, the hat will be extra warm too.

Beautiful. :inlove: What a lucky grandbaby!

This set is very cute! Love the ideal of a reversable child’s hat!