Baby Sweater...from hell! *New photo added

Definitely took on more than I could handle, but I did it and I could breeze through the pattern now that I’ve done it once. Thanks to anyone on here who assisted me with deciphering the pattern.

This isn’t blocked and the bonnet isn’t on there, but I forgot to take a photo of the complete finished product.

Here’s my pattern:

Finished product (almost):

Here is the finished product. The mommy to be is going to add the buttons so she has a part in it too.

Oh, that turned out very well! It’s good to stretch your techniques sometimes. If you don’t try something new, you never know what you can do. Well done…

You did a lovely job!!!

Thank you very much!

Well done! Looks nice! Congrates!!!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

It looks beautiful!

Uh oh! Sounds like this was trouble every which way but loose!! Nonetheless, it turned out looking very professional and too too cute!

It was just trouble because the pattern was difficult for me to understand. I can do YO and decreases and such, but it was hard at times to fully grasp what they were asking me to do, it seemed vague. And I’m an overthinker so I was doubly confused.

Thanks, I’m super proud of it. I wish you could see the bonnet as well.

Sure looks nice to me! I especially love the white color…displays the cabling so well! :thumbsup:

It is gorgeous! Good job!:cheering:

Lucky baby!!! Gorgeous!

It is very pretty and you did a great job, stressful or not. :inlove:

Thanks everyone! They are actually having a boy, but when I started it, we didn’t know so I went with the Ivory color and it turned out great. I’m gonna go back to hats and scarves for a while. :teehee:

It’s really beautiful!!! Ivory is a nice, neutral color. Funny you should say that about the pattern. I can’t tackle the Drops design patterns, even though many are cute. I read through them and don’t understand them, either.

Wow! The sweater is really pretty. Great job! :thumbsup:

And you should be super proud for making a great sweater and not giving up :slight_smile:

Wow… pat yourself on the back. :yay: