Baby sweater band

Hi, I am making a baby layette set and I have finished the back and am now starting the front. The back rib was P1, K1 first row. second row K1, P1, for 9 rows. So now I am doing the front but I am wondering about the rib.
Row 1(wrong side) P1, K1 across
row 2 K2, (P1, K1) across
row 3-9 repeat rows 1 and 2, 3 times, then repeat row 1 once more.

Since row 2 is K2 then rib when I am on the wrong side am I suppose to P2 then the P1, K1? Or just start P1, K1 across and dont bother with the K2? :??
Also, its been years since I made a bobble so I just want to make sure.
bobble-(K,P,K) all in next st, turn, K3, turn, K3 slip second and third sts fron right needle over first st.

When I turn and K3, turn K3 the working yarn is on the left needle so I just ignore this and K3 anyway right?

And lastly, when it says slip second and third sts do they mean second and third from the point? And do I slip one at a time or both together?

It could be the extra stitch is an edge stitch for seaming. As long as the purls and knits line up to make the rib, I would trust the pattern.

Yes, that is my understanding.

If it does not specify which way to slip, then I would slip them purl wise, and one at a time.