Baby stuffs - short snort and twin set

I’ve had this short snort done for a little bit (OK, like 2 months), but I’ve been too lazy to weave in the ends. Jackie inspired me to finally get off my arse and finish…thanks! :blush:

  • It was made with Caron Simply Cotton, or something like that. I lost the label.
  • Pattern is Short Snort.
  • Since I didn’t exactly get guage, it used US 5 Denises and did the math to go with this yarn. The plastic thingy in the middle is from Wal-Hell.

The pic of my little monkey is the best one I could get - she’s home sick today with a cold, so we’re not in the most cooperative mood. Don’t mind her crazy hair, it always looks like that.

A friend from work is preggers with twin girls. I made her this set:

  • The pattern is my own - I just made it up as I went.
  • I used Rowan Cotton Wool…soooo yummy. The only thing about it is that I blocked the hats twice and my stitches still look uneven. Granted, I was making these hats in the car, so that may be why my stitches look so bleh. :thinking:

Everything is adorable! I love the set for the twins!

I love the mix and match twin set! So cute!

And the monkey in the snort is adorable! What yarn is it?

:cheering: :cheering: Loving it all…twin set is adorable!!! LOL, I’m working on the Short Snort top right now…for my granddaughter…I seem to be knitting just what u & Jackie are knitting :wink:

Awh, I like your Short Snort - your daughter is adorable!! :inlove:
Isn’t that a cute little pattern? I had someone ask me recently where I got mine because she said it looked like something from a matching mother/daughter set. It is a pretty glam little top, isn’t it?!

I like how the colors are opposite on the twin set to distinguish between each child - good idea! :lol:

awww… so cute. and baby girl is getting so big and her hair is getting long!!! shes a cutie… :inlove:

:heart: :heart:

Just loverly…
And the knitted items are great too!

Oh, it’s all so sweet! :smiley:

I have that same problem of getting cotton things to look good when I block them. My stitches, too, end up looking uneven. :??

Very cute! :thumbsup:

Cute tank top and adorable daughter – look at those curls!

The hat and mits sets are so pretty!

Thanks, everyone! The projects were fun - the short snort was a quick, easy pattern. I was just lazy about finishing it off.

And, yeah, the monkey has a few curls. I love her little afro. :wink:

WONDERFUL! :heart: