Baby stuff!

I have been here before, about 5 years ago and I was doing well, but, stopped when I got another job that keeps me busy.
Well, I found out that I’m going to get my first grandbaby :woot:
I want to relearn and start on a blanket first. I’m going to be searching in the forums, but, if anyone could point me in the right direction, I would be so grateful!
I want to use super soft, but, durable yarn and some beginner patterns, but, not plain jane. I love a challenge.
I’M SO EXCITED!!!:woohoo:

Congrats, that’s fabulous news!
There are loads of baby blanket patterns here
and of course on Ravelry. You can even search Ravelry for beginner patterns if you like.

Thank you!!!
It’s going to be a very long nine months LOL
I’m hoping that knitting will keep me from buying everything under the sun fire him/her LOL