Baby Stuff (LOTS of pics)

Really nice!! Your blankets are especially nice, all those cables and bobbles. The sweaters will really be practical come winter. Every baby needs those to stay warm. Congratulations on your first grandchild. It looks like he/she will never be short on fabulous hand knits with you around.

These items are just gorgious! Beautiful work. The baby will stay nice and cozy, BEAUTIFUL:yay:

Very nice work! It all looks lovely!
I too went hogwild with knitting for my latest grandchild.

Very nice work Ginny. I especially like all you blankets !

WOw I wish I was having a baby. Seriously your things are so beautiful, how special for a little one.

Those are so beautiful! What wonderful baby knitting you have done :slight_smile:

You’ve been busy! I love the Kimono and everything is just so tiny and cute :inlove:

Oh that is making my baby fever even worse!! Those are beautiful-- what a lucky baby. You are so talented.

I have to find a baby to knit for. I love the cable blanket and the first sweater.

Where di you get the cable blanket pattern?

Very nice work! i think your blankets are beautiful!

I just “did it”; count the cable stitches and how many in between add the border. Actually the base is two stitiches less for each cable, I M1x2 for each cable in cable set up row (to avoid the pucker). There is one very similar on the internet, I think it is called “aunt Pearls” baby blanket. But it puckered where the cables started so I just modified it.

Everything is cute. Aren’t grandchildren the best? I love to knit for mine. Wish they were still little though.

I am “down to the wire”, my son called on Friday and told me the Dr. said he thought it would be in the next few days. I’m so excited I can hardly stand it:woot: :happydance: :woot: