Baby Soft Cardigan with Cable

This is the Baby Soft Cardigan from Clara Parkes’ Knitter’s Book of Yarn.
I added an Aran braid along the top of each sleeve and on both sides in front.
It’s made in the six months size in Berroco Comfort (Light Green) using US Size 9 needles.

That looks beautiful and what cute buttons.

That is sooo cute!

That is adorable! and those really are cute buttons!!! :slight_smile:

Oh that is so adorable!

It is so lovely . Thebuttons really suit it :slight_smile:

ADORABLE! The buttons are precious. :heart:

It’s so cute! I love the little teddy bear buttons.

So darling, the teddy bear buttons add just a touch of whimsy. :cheering:

Gracious, it [B]almost[/B] makes me want to get pregnant again ([B]I don’t think so[/B]!). What a beautiful sweater that is. Like everyone else, I too love the buttons. They are the perfect finishing touch to a really pretty sweater. Great job!!!

Really darling! Great job. :cheering:


That sweater is so darn cute! :inlove: Love the bear buttons–what a great touch

So cute!

Very cute and the teddy bear buttons are the finishing touch.

Such a sweet sweater!

This is an unusual little sweater. I love it. The off center closure, the contrasts you used between textures and smooth knitting, the pale blue/gray color and the buttons. Very nice.

What a sweet sweater! Yup - perfect buttons.

[SIZE=7][COLOR=Magenta][B]YUM! [/B][/COLOR][SIZE=2]

[SIZE=2]This is simply inspiring work!

Whatcha Knitting section is soooo dangerous! :teehee: I see so many things that are wonderful patterns, and wonderfully knit…and I get all side-tracked with new projects before old projects are finished!

And your delicious little white baby sweater is INSPIRING! :thumbsup:[/SIZE]

Gorgeous little sweater. Was it difficult to knit? Just learning, doing well but…Considering purchasing the book, how did you find the patterns? Easy, difficult?


:inlove: aww how cute! Great job