Baby socks...I need help, please

I’ve not done knitting for a baby before and don’t have such a critter available for reference. :?? I finished a Baby Sophisticate sweater and have so much yarn left I’m doing tube socks before starting a hat. The baby reportedly is in about a 12 month size. I have about 4" of rib done and want to have plenty to fold over. Anyhow I’m going to switch to stockinette soon and need to know when to decrease for the toe. Would an overall length of about 9" be about right? I don’t mind if they’re longish but too short would be bad. My attempts at researching led to the 9" or so idea.

I think I’ll be able to finish a hat without troubles. There’s more than enough of this yarn for several more items. I want to use it up.

I’m using RH With Love. It works up so velvety, cozy feeling. I love it.

it looks like Bev’s measurements are about 4.5-5inches for foot length for about 1 year.
I really like and have knit the Baby Sophisticate sweater. Very cute idea.

Thanks. I totally didn’t find that page. I’m looking at the small amount of yarn I have in a ball and think I’ll make them to use it up on the one sock. lol Tops can fold down and if they’re longer than needed now they can be worn as he grows.

The Baby Sophisticate is a sweet pattern. I remembered you’d used it and that heavily influenced my choice. :thumbsup: I actually added another set of short row turns to make the collar wider, I like it a little wider myself. Also, as my daughter looked at the WIP and thought it looked too small I decided having an extra couple garter ridges in the front to make it a little bit bigger wouldn’t hurt. The baby boy has been described to me as “chunky” and “fluffy”…fluffy from my granddaughter. Now I need to get buttons for it… Knitting for a baby is fun!

I think a hat like Sherlock in Training would go well with a Baby Sophisticate sweater.

Perfect topper!

The socks ended up about 10" long. I think they’ll do.