Baby socks...child sock...WHERE ARE THE TODDLER SOCKS!?

Is it wrong to want to make some sock for my wee’uns? I just cannot find a toddler sock pattern anywhere. I want just a PLAIN rib cuff toddler sock, in stockinette. Fit a size 7 and a size 8 1/2. ANyone know where I can find one to print off or whatever?

I haven’t made any of these - I’m just posting from the links I’ve saved :slight_smile:


You could search the Free Knitting Patterns Netring. Some of your results will be duds, but you might get lucky:;action=index

From the Lady who writes the knitting pages, her own site:

Here HK means hand knit:

ok, I’m halfway thru my bookmarks - let me know if you need more… :slight_smile:

I think the cloverleaf eyelet rib sock on the HK site will be just perfect. (I may just rib the top though). Thank so much! :slight_smile: Everything is always for child sizes or baby sizes…but rarely that in between phase.