Baby socks/booties on US #8 double points- is it possible?

I purchased a very sweet yarn along with short US 8 double point needles… can I do a baby booty out of these materials? Is there a way to modify the patterns I see online or do I need to return what I was sold?

What yarn did you get, it needs to be one that won’t be too thick or too thin to work on the size 8s. There may be some socks or booties made with a larger needle, but if not, you’d have to adjust the number of stitches.

What pattern and yarn did you get? Link to the pattern if possible.

When you buy patterns always look to see what weight yarn they use and what the gauge is. Those are important to how the results will be. Your needle size may vary from the suggested because your own tension may be different.

On that note…I don’t think I’d return anything. If you like to knit you’ll use them eventually. :thumbsup:

Good point!