Baby sock!

Hey everyone. I decided to make this because 1. I have a pregnant friend, and 2. I am currently so obsessed with making socks, but I have just barely too little yarn to make more pairs of socks.

I found out I have plenty of yarn for baby socks, though knowledge of this may be very dangerous. We shall see :think: Anyhow, it was so fun to make and so adorable, so I want to share my first baby sock!!

That is adorable!! I’ve made about a dozen of those little things… and not for babies. DS uses them for golf club covers.

So cute! I have a friend who is expecting and I’m planning on using up my leftover yarn for socks for her too!

What a resourceful way to use that leftover yarn! It turned out really great!

So cute!

That’s adorable, I love it!!:heart:

Thanks everyone! I finished the pair during my knitting group today! The complete pair took about 6 1/2 hours :slight_smile:

They’re adorable! And I just realized that I have 3 friends who are expecting. And plenty of sock yarn. What pattern did you use?

Matthew’s Leftovers Baby Socks -

Oh so cute!!! Baby socks are fun, aren’t they?:happydance: