Baby sock pattern

I’m after a pattern for newborn-sized socks that doesn’t use double-pointed or circular neededs - because I can’t afford new needles right now!

I found one pattern, but only realised when I was halfway through the first sock that it was to fit a toddler!

All the other patterns I’ve found in newborn size aren’t knit on straight needles.


I found this one at . There are probably more there.

Thanks Ingrid,

I should have said I’m not really a fan of tube socks :oops: , I guess I’m looking for more of a shaped sock pattern.

Or maybe it’ll be easier if I just buy some DPN’S! :thinking:

If you get the dpns, you’ll have a lot more options. Amy has video on how to make your own dpns.

Here are some options for you:

Easy Baby Socks

Bonnet and Booties

Bunny Booties