Baby Slippers - Knit Right Shoe Strap

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I am knitting a pair of super-soft slippers from the book [U]Two Balls or Less[/U] by Jenny Hill. I already knitted the [B][I]left slipper[/I][/B], it is super cute with its strap. I started the right slipper and stopped right before the rows to shape the strap. The pattern says: [I][COLOR=“Purple”]For right shoe, repeat as for left shoe, REVERSING SHAPING OF THE STRAP. [/COLOR][/I] [U][COLOR=“DarkGreen”][B]I don’t know how to do this [/B][/COLOR][/U]:zombie:

Please help me, my baby girl deserves a pair of decent slippers made by mom.

How do I reverse shape Row 32, 33, 34, 35 and 36?
I know that I am supposed to put the last 8 stitches on a holder b/c then I can use first 8 sts to begin the strap ( I am looking at it WS), but I end up with the last 8 and the tail yarn together!

[B]FYI Shaping instep, [I]before [/I]the shaping of the strap…[/B]
[B]Row 29[/B] - S1, p9, (s1, p1, psso) turn. 38 sts
[B]Row 30[/B]- S1, K9 (s1, k1, psso). turn. 37 sts
[B]Row 31[/B] - S1, p9, (s1, p1, psso). work in seed stitch pattern to the end. 36 sts

These are the rows for the shaping of the strap…
[B]Row 32 (RS)[/B] Patt in seed stitch for 8 sts. Put these stitches onto a stitch holder. Bind off 4 sts in seed stitch.k2tog, bind off this stitch and 8 sts across the front of the shoe, k2tog and bind off this stitch and 4 further sts in seed stitch, then work 8 sts in seed stitch to end. This will leave the middle of the shoe, across the instep, bound off.

[B]Row 33 (WS)[/B] K8, cast on 12 sts

[B]Row 34 (RS)[/B] K20, Now take the 8 sts on the stitch holder with the point of the needle towards the back seam of the shoe. Knit across these 8 sts. Then cast on 3 sts. 31 sts

[B]Row 35 (WS)[/B] K28, yo, k2tog, k1. 31sts

[B]Row 36 (RS)[/B] Knit to end. Bind off loosely and evenly.

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FYI for all those wondering how to reverse knit these rows, the answer to this question is on the [B][I]knitting section of!!

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