Baby Sleep Sac

I am looking for a Baby Sleep Sac pattern, I found a couple free ones on the internet, Knitty and Mag Knits but am not wild about them. Does anyone know of a purchased pattern or book that has a baby sleep sack or “bunting”.


Here’s a few I found on Ravelry, some free some not.〈=en

There’s a cute one in
Boho Baby Knits by Kat Coyle

LOVE the one in Oat Couture!!! In fact there are a couple patterns I like. Will have to find!!!


Later, I found a site to order the oat couture pattern, LOVE IT!!

this one:
hope this helps!!

I have a book I got from KnitPicks called [I]OPTIONS Baby Knit Fashions for Tots.[/I] It is by Chris De Longpre for Knitting at Knoon Designs. It has some sleep sacks with elastic at the bottom that are very cute. I haven’t made one yet but they look pretty easy.