Baby sizes... how to get the right one?

No, Im not pregnant… yet! :slight_smile:

Since I have tons of free time I decided to start knitting for my future babies… here is my problem… I cant get the right sizes… I have checked the gauges and so far, everything seems to be too small or too big… Any suggestions?

Well I can’t really help with gauge, but if you are knitting for baby that’s not here yet then you really can’t go wrong. The baby would just wear whatever fits at the time I would think. :wink: Some one will be along to help soon!

When you say the gauges are too small or too big, do you mean the samples you have knitted aren’t fitting the pattern gauge? If that is the case, adjusting your knitting tension, or needle size to fit the tension of your knitting may be the key.
As Jan said, you can’t go wrong with anything you knit. If it turns out to be too small for the first baby, maybe it will fit the next. If it’s too big, believe me, they will grow into it. And so will the next one. Good Luck… on all your projects. :smiley:

I cant find the right gauge… I reduced the size of the neddles and it still seems to be too big… :frowning:

I will follow your ideas and go for the size that comes out… probably after finishing a couple of sweaters Ill find the right sizes… :slight_smile:

Thank you!!!