Baby Shower Set

I finished this set Sunday at 5:00AM for a baby shower that was later that morning. I LOVED making the booties. Found the pattern online. While knitting it I couldn’t see how it would be a bootie. Until it was seamed together… before then it just looked like a blob. The hat was of my own creation but the inspiration was a hat Mason knit a while back that had “holes” in it. Loved it so I decided to knit one with “holes” myself. After it was finished, I decided it looked like some sort of fruit, a strawberry maybe, so I added the mint green stem. Which then led to putting mint green into the mitten and the booties. They were a big hit. Ooo’s and aah’s and “Did you make these?!” all around. As a newish knitter, that really felt good.

The white in the booties is just stuffing so they wouldn’t collapse after wrapping them.

I love it, especially the hat! It looks like lil strawberry!

Those are so precious, really some of the cutest baby gifts I’ve seen in a while.

CUTE! Love those colors together!

That set is adorable. I love it.

:inlove: that is just too cute!!

Absolutely adorable!

Very creative, dalisn28. And a beautiful gift too. Love the hat.:thumbsup:

How sweet. The baby is going to look darling in them.

Beautiful set:)

So lovely !!! :slight_smile:

Wow! Those are really nice. Good work!

Awwww, strawberries and babies, I could just eat them both up… pass the whipped cream please!

Lovely job and so creative! I love the colour combination. Great work.

Oh it is so CUTE!!! Adorable. Good job. I bet the baby will love them

Simply adorable ! I love it!

That is a beautiful set! Good job!


Very Cute!!!

Those are adorable! Love the colors.

That set is so cute!

I’m a bit of a beginner and am trying to make some baby booties for my best friend’s baby. Would you share the pattern?


Okay Jodi, found where I’d originally found the pattern… On Ravelry of course. But the actual pattern is on the Bernat web site.

Click on the picture of the booties and it’ll give you the pattern. Good luck! Like I said, it’s a real simple (and fast knit) pattern. I’m making more just because it’s a fun one to do. Not a lot of thought goes into it after making the first one. Have fun! :knitting: