Baby shower question

A family friend - whom I have not talked to in the last 10-12yrs - is expecting twins. I am invited to, but will not be able to attend the shower that is in just a couple of weeks. I will knit a couple of bonnets and booties to send along. My mother has already made blankets. So the question - I am going to get them something off their registry but do I have to send 2 gifts b/c there are 2 babies or if I get something that they only requested 1 of can I just send one gift with the bonnets and booties? I don’t want to seem cheap, but it is kind of odd that I am invited as we did not invite each other to our weddings and she didn’t tell me she was pregnant, I heard it via the grapevine.

Since you are sending two hand-made gifts, I think that buying one gift off her registry list is fine.

Just the hand knitted stuff would likely be sufficient for this situation…

Besides, there are only so many duplicates of things to get…a baby room still only needs one change table…one lamp, one diaper bin…etc…

I agree with Crycket, but if you want to get them something off the registry I think only one thing that will be used by both babies will be fine.

babies should have bathes, not showers.


I think that, since you are very obviously aquaintences from a DISTANCE, that a hand-made gift is MORE than necessary.

The handmade gifts are fine on their own. I wouldn’t get something off her registry list. It’s not necessary.


I agree with you.

I think you should send diapers, lots and lots of diapers…:passedout:

Along with your beautiful hand knit items, of course!!!

I agree that the handmade gifts should be enough :slight_smile: Handknit bibs are also nice (imo) and quick to do!

:rofl: Oh, Mason :slight_smile:

Your handknit gifts are plenty. If you feel like you really HAVE to purchase something, I’d go with a package of diapers…

I agree with the rest. Handmade gifts are plenty. This is a distant friend who did not even tell you she was pregnant. Its enough that you are making her some cute things for the babies. You wont appear cheap, she will appear greedy if she expects anymore from someone she does not normally bother with!