Baby shower help

i want to give my friend a baby shower ,[FONT=Arial]surprise shower. im looking for ideas and tips on how to make this something fun. we dont normaly have baby showers in the uk so i would be lots of help to me. thank you.[/FONT]

I’m throwing a shower too - in Nov. I found a nifty website with lots of ideas, I’ll be back in a minute.

there was a lot of info there - themes, recipes, etc. I’ve never thrown a shower before and it was helpful. Good luck!

I’ll have to take a few pix of things that we made for a shower we did recently (if you are interested in them). YES, I’m a dork and kept one of each of the items …for future reference.

We made pacifiers out of lifesaver mints (held by a squirt of icing), baby shoes to hold goodies out of styrofoam cups and ribbon(for the laces) and the napkins were folded to resemble little dressing gowns.

As for games at the shower, I’ve got a list of those as well. Did I mention I end up helping to throw a lot of showers? URG…but fun.