Baby Shower FOs

I sort of got backed into a corner on this baby blanket. Hadn’t planned on making it but when the mom (one of my best friends) told me 10 days before the shower that her daughter was really hoping for a blanket from me since I made her sister one last year … I just didn’t have the heart to tell her I wouldn’t make her one. So even though I REALLY REALLY REALLY don’t like working with the stuff, I went out and bought some RH Baby Clouds and used size 15 needles to get this puppy done. Actually started it three times before I it came out like I liked it. The first time I just didn’t like the pattern at all - the second time I made a mistake I couldn’t find so after frogging and moving forward for a couple of hours, I just ripped the whole thing out - the third time I kept it simple (stockinette with garter border). She loved it. I’m glad it’s done:

I also made her some wash cloths:

I love the soft pastels! You did a great job of it all!
Can I be adopted???

Very nice blanket! :heart: the washcloths!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


Their all gorgeous. I too got “asked” to make a blanket since I had made one for so and so. Luckily I had 3 wks notice : )

That blanket is lovely and the washcloths are a wonderful idea as well. I never had enough of those things when the kids were babies.

You are a great friend! They turned out wonderfully!