Baby Shawl Blues

I’m giving up on this baby shawl! Its awful.

The Yarn is Patons Fairytale and its worked on size 6 needles and it’s horrible.
The yarn shows up every discrepancy with neon light surrounding it, and the lacy bits look like someone has poked it with a big stick.

I’ve not liked it for a while, but I persevered and persevered and then I noticed that the word severed appears in persevered and thats what I feel like doing to this yarn.

I have 1 week to one baby, 4 weeks to another baby, and a couple of months to the next - so its booties and bibs for now! Bubba number 2 is having the sweater - if i can get it done in time.

Anyone else hating their yarn right now? :!!!: :!!!: :!!!:

Ah got the babeh sholl bluezzz…
Cause my babeh’s away
Ah got the babeh sholl blu-ezzz
’Cause the stitches don’t sta-ayyy

Remember that the baby won’t care, and if the parents are not knitters, they won’t notice the imperfections anywhere near as much as you do! And if they are, they’ll definitely appreciate the work that went in, and how hard some projects can be.
Can I suggest you block what you’ve got so far before you toss it? It may improve vastly.