Baby Set for a Lost Infant

One of our forum members is collecting baby burial sets for deceased infants that have been abandoned. It’s such a sad situation, so they like to have hats and blankets to wrap them with a bit of love when they are buried. Breaks my heart. :pout:

Anyway, I promised to make this set SEVERAL months ago, and finally was able to mail it this week.

I made this set for a tiny one pound baby, but she is collecting sets in several sizes.

Here are a couple of the patterns I used:
(I can’t find the pattern for the hat)
Booties: "Denny’s Tiny Booties"
Blanket: “Pinwheel Baby Blanket”

those will be loved by the parents

Oh gosh, Shandeh…I would never have thought of this.

Your set is just beautiful.


That is just beautiful Shandeh-thank you for doing this. As the parent of a micro preemie (she’s 4 now, Thank God!) it really means a lot to me! My heart breaks for those tiny angels.

:heart::heart: :cheering:

As posted on another post this is so close to my heart. Losing my sweet baby taught me so much about the knowledge about the real needs many turn their faces from as if its a disease. These are very precious and you did a fab job!!! :hug: :heart: :thumbsup:

:heart: very pretty and what a great thing to do :heart:

Thank you all! It was fun.

I really enjoyed making the pinwheel blanket.

I just saw the other post of the littlest angel booties too…these are beautiful.

Did you say for abandonded deceased babies? Wow. I’m sure that no matter if it’s the parents giving the burial, or just some kind soul who deals with these types of things, they will appreciate it greatly. And those brand new angels will go up to heaven comforted in wonderful, love-filled garments.

What a pretty set. Bless you for doing that!

It is just exquisite and God will bless you for doing something for one of his own. :muah:

This is such a beautiful idea! DH and I have lost two beautiful daughters due to a genetic disease (Emma lived for an hour & Meghan lived for 6 1/2 weeks) and it would have been so nice to have something like this. We had to go shopping for a burial outfit and it was quite hard! I will be sending all of my prom dresses and my wedding gown in and hopefully start a knitting project for them as well.

Beautiful and so touching!:heart:

Those pieces are very special Sandy, and so are you!

Beautiful work, my friend, as always. Just like you!:hug:

Sandy, that is a beautiful set. The little hat and socks are so tiny. I can’t even image what a one pound baby looks like. God bless you for doing this knitting for a sweet little baby who never really got to experience love.

that’s so sweet. :heart:

Very beautiful work, however, how sad and tragic the circumstances.

Thank you all for the sweet comments! :muah:

If any of you would like to make a small baby set, I believe that MaryB is still collecting them for a group called “Into His Arms”.

Very sweet!