Baby seed stitch dress 2

Hi Everyone :slight_smile:

Here is my second little seed stitch dress . I find it very relaxing doing seed stitch . Something i thought i would never say lol
The yarn was kindly given to me by Nobones . :hug: Thanks !

How cute is that:cheering::cheering:Rita you do such beautiful work!!!
I love to do seed stitch!!!

Very pretty Rita. Just love the yarn.

Adorable ! Great job - Now we know where your son got the idea for buttons : )

You are so right . I did not think of that . I am going to hide everything now lol :rofl:

Really sweet!


That’s adorable!

CUTE!!! I wish I had been a knitter when my baby was a baby!

So pretty! love it.

:yay: Very cute!!

Adorable dress :slight_smile:

Gorgeous, that yarn does knit up well. Is that a picot hem too?

:whoosh: too clever by half you!

Thanks hun :slight_smile: Yes it is a picot hem . Forgot about that lol :rofl:


Very cute!

Oh, is that ever adorable! Love those buttons.

I keep hinting around that I need another grandbaby to knit for . . .

Thanks Sis :heart: Glad you like it :slight_smile:

Thankyou . LOL you must start hinting a little harder:rofl:


Cute, cute, cute, but I have to say I still like your son’s excellent knitting better…:wink: