Baby Pearl's bloomin' fingers!

Hi everyone, Okay I’m knitting Alan Dart’s Baby Pearl and have just finished knitting her pinky… but I can’t make heads or tails of the next set of instructions… Okay from the start

Cast on 14 sts for wrist edge
St-st 2 rows
Cast on 2 stst at beg of nest 2 rows for thumb
Cast off 4 sts at beg of next 2 rows
Next row (fingers) k1, (inc1) 3 times, k1, inc1, turn and work on these 10 sts only
[COLOR=“RoyalBlue”](No problems here)/COLOR]
Next row (pinky) p4, turn and work on these sts only
St-st 2 rows
[COLOR=“RoyalBlue”](Yep… no problems here either)[/COLOR]
B & T tightly, [COLOR=“RoyalBlue”](B & T no problems…)[/COLOR]then join on finger seam
* [COLOR=“RoyalBlue”](Now the fun starts… where is the finger seam???)[/COLOR]
Next row (ring finger) with six sts on right hand needle, rejoin yarn to work [COLOR=“RoyalBlue”](which part if the work?? End of right needle or start of right needle or left needle? My cue to start pulling my hair out!!)[/COLOR]& inc1 from sts on left hand needle.[COLOR=“RoyalBlue”](Do I knit all the stitches and then turn or what? Please help me… I’m turning into a crazy woman[/COLOR] Turn and work on these 8 sts only. [COLOR=“RoyalBlue”]I understand it from here… but how do I get here???[/COLOR] :zombie: Work as given for pinky from * to **

Help please… thanks guys

Sorry, I’m not sure of the answer, but someone should be able to help soon!

Thanks Jan, but it’s okay… I did it!! Yipee! If anyone ever gets stuck on this… please PM me… :yay: