Baby patterns w/ med weight yarn?

So I bought one skein of Bernat Denim Style in a creamy color to do the Anthropologie Capelet, but then I decided it’s not what I want to use. I figured I could make something for my friend’s soon-to-be baby. But most patterns are for DK or sport weight yarn so I’m a bit confuzzled! Denim Style is a medium weight yarn with 196 yards. Does anyone have suggestions?? I was thinking a sweater or hat, but I’m open to any ideas! :muah:

Here are a few, just from the free patterns section of this site.

Thanks! Those are both really cute! I don’t have enough yardage for them it seems though. Also, isn’t the knitty pattern made with DK weight yarn?

I’m thinking I might just make the Jess Hutch bunny pattern. It’s too cute!

Perhaps, but the gauge is definitely do-able with the yarn that you have.

Heres a baby vest in WW in 190 yards

I decided on the umbilical cord hat in S&B. nice n easy! :happydance: