Baby Pants

please help me get my head around this as I have attempted it many times but to no avail tho im determined to accomplish this before the day is done. I’m stuck with this…
Next Row - K33 turn
Next Row - P9 turn
Next Row - K13 turn
Next Row - P17 turn
continue in this way working 4 more stitches on every row until 4 stitches remain unworked at each end.
Would doubly value a better explanation thats easier to understand thank you

What pattern are you using and does it tell you to wrap and turn somewhere in the pattern?

Thanks for reply GG:-) it starts off k1 p1 & p1 k1 for 1abd a half inches then that next bit is next hope you can help

These are short rows in case you’re not aware. Worked in stockinette with no wrap or other method to close them up, you’ll get holes at the turns. Does the picture of the pattern show that holes are intended?

You do what it says. K33 and turn. P9 and turn. On each row following you will knit to the turn, work that stitch then work 4 more and turn.

This video shows wrap and turn short rows but might help you understand what you’re doing.

Can you post a link to your pattern or tell us its name, please.