Baby news

Hello knitting family :slight_smile: DH and I found out this afternoon we’re expecting a little girl! She’s such a little drama queen already…

Congratulations!:balloons: How very exciting for you. And to think of all of the pink yarn you can buy!:woohoo:



That sonogram is a riot!! I laughed out loud. Oh, the drama!


LOL at that sonogram!!

PS… they didn’t have those 3D sonograms when I had my babies. :frowning: You kids get all the neat toys!

:yay: That is too cute! Maybe you should name her Diva. :roflhard:

that’s pretty much the best sonogram I have ever seen!

Congratulations xxx

:woohoo: Congratulations!! :woohoo:

:roflhard: I think you’ve got your work cut out for you, lol. That sonogram is so cute!!! It amazes me what they can do these days.

:woot: Congrats!!:woot:

:teehee: love the sonogram

Oh congratulations! You must be so excited.
That sonogram is too funny but I can’t help thinking maybe she just has a headache?

Congratulations!!! :smiley:


:roflhard: Congrats! That sono is a treasure! Maybe she’s saying “Oh, come on Mom…not THAT yarn. I need mmmmmalabrigo!”

Congratulations – are you naming her Emily Elizabeth after the girl in the Clifford the Big Red Dog Book series???

No, we are not.

DH’s mother’s name is Elizabeth and we both liked the name Emily. We had no idea that was the name of the child in the books until after we’d chosen it.

Congratulations!! That sonogram is AMAZING!!! So much better than mine - I guess we don’t have those down here in the sticks! I was lucky if I could figure out a head from a butt.

Ooo, congratulations! :cheering:

We did a 3D U/S wihen I was carrying my son. It was the coolest thing.

Congratulations. That sonogram picture is so cute, a real keeper.

Congrat :woot: on the baby girl. :thumbsup: In my time we only had the needle and thread. If the needle went in a circle that was a girl. If the thread went back and forth it was a boy.:roflhard:
Have fun buying all that pink yarn!