Baby Mary-Jane's

These are for a friends new daughter. My first booties- do they look cheesy? :oops:

Those are so cute!!! I NEED that pattern. Where can I find that pattern?Pleeeeease :pray:


I think they look adorable :slight_smile:

I got it out of the book 100 Knitting Patterns. Got the book from Crafters Choice. Its knit in DK superwash wool, and each shoe took MAYBE 1.5 hours to do. You are supposed to do a button hole and button, but I really think that isnt needed on a newborn shoe, so I skipped it.

Those aren’t cheesy at all! They’re so cute! :teehee:

They are too cute! I love them! Not cheesy at all.

Very cute! I can just imagine the tiny and perfect feet that will be wearing them.



:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Wow! :inlove: Look how cute these are! :hug: :teehee:

Oh dude, those are way too cute. :heart: They are sooo NOT cheesy!!

How cute! Great knitting!

Those are sooooo cute!

Those are adorable! Your friend would love 'em, at least I would!

:muah: great job!!! those shoes are soooooooo cute!!!

I agree with everyone else. So adorable! :heart: I love the color, too.

They are sooooo cute! Not cheesy at all.

Hazel x

Which pattern did you use? I have found a few similar ones…but I haven’t decided which I will use yet.


They look wonderful!

:heart: :heart: :heart: love them!

I have been looking for shoes like that to knit! I need that book. They came out totally adorable!