Baby Legging Question

I am knitting baby leggings from top down, and would like to know if I can put the legs on 1 40" needle and knit them at the same time like socks. If so, does anyone know what the procedure would be?


Hi Irene

Welcome to the Forum - I’m sorry I can’t help with your particular question but perhapsthe ‘How To’ forum would be able to help. I’m sure someone could - we have newbies, intermediates, advanced and sheer genius knitters, so you’ve definitely come to the right place.

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If the legs are knit separately normally then I think you could knit them at the same time with two separate balls of yarn. You’ll just have to be careful you don’t accidentally join them and if there is shaping you’ll have to remember when to do it on each leg. :wink:

Re: what Ellie said… the How-to Forum is the best place for questions about your project, but there isn’t a problem if you accidentally post here instead. This forum just moves pretty fast and questions can be on the next page pretty quickly. :wink:

I know you can do them using magic loop cause I’m making a pair of leggings for my dd. I’m just not sure I can tell you how to set them up as magic loop cause I’m making mine from the ankles up.

I would guess that you would start knitting the first leg til you had half of the leg stitches on the needle, then you would join another ball of yarn for the second leg and knit til you had half the stitches of the second leg on the needle, knit around until the second half of that leg was on the needle and then drop that ball of yarn, pick up the first ball and continue with the second half of the stitches of the first leg.

Your second round would be where you join the legs into a round, making sure that you use the correct ball of yarn for the corresponding leg.

Then it’s just like knitting 2 socks in the round ML.

I hope this makes sense – my dd is sick and she woke me up out of a deep sleep at 5 am and I can’t go back to sleep!