Baby knitting pattern help

Hello everyone!
First time knitter here…
I started because my friend is having a baby and wanted to make them some special things
It has been a roller coaster journey with much learning but I am finally 3/4 my first jersey (soooo cute!). I am super stuck on how to do the sleeves on straight needles any help would be much appreciated!!

Welcome to KH!
It’s so nice of you to take up knitting to make a sweater for a friend’s baby and so adventurous.

You’re going to have to use some technique for knitting a small circle in order to work these sleeves. There’s no way to get a straight needle through this small circle of stitches that I know of. You could knit the sleeve with double pointed needles (dpns) or 2 circular needles or use magic loop. Even if you don’t join to knit in the round, you still need to get around all the held sts at least for the initial rows before switching to straights and knitting back and forth…

This page shows the techniques for knitting a small circle:

What is the name of the pattern?

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Thanks for your reply! I was afraid that was the case, I don’t currently have any round ones so will have to go shopping. I’m pretty sure the pattern didn’t require them hence the choice! I’ve attached a photo of what it is going to look like but in pink!

Yes, the pattern is rather vague about the kinds of needles required but the fact that it’s seamless means that at some point you’re going to have to work the sleeves in the round.
Very sweet!