Baby kimono

I am finishing the baby kimono from Interweave’s summer 2005, pg. 99. All I have left is to seam the bottom of the sleeves, which are actually the cable cast on edges. So how do I seam these? Do I use a backstitch? Confusion reigns. :??

I’m not familiar with the pattern, but can you do a matress stitch?

The sweater is garter stitch for about 7", then the sleeves are added by doing four sets of cable cast on (for the front and back). The shoulders and top of the sleeves are 3 needle bind off. But this leaves the underside seam of the sleeves open and they are the bottom horizontal selvedge, not the vertical lines of stitches like you find in Amy’s video. So I’m trying to put two cast on edges together. I don’t think mattress stitch will work. :??

I’ll play with it a little this pm and see what happens. Thanks!

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I made something up. You can’t see the seam. Thanks for trying Silver! :slight_smile:

Glad you figured it out, Sara. I’m a newbie here, but for what it’s worth, when I made that sweater, I seamed the bottom of the sleeves in mattress stitch. It was my very first sweater, very fun and fairly easy for a relative beginner.

Thanks, Janis. I posted a rather icky picture of it on the “Recently Finished” thread. I couldn’t wrap my brain cells around mattress stitch since it was to be sewn together on the cast on edges, but I did SOMETHING IRREPRODUCEABLE and it looks quite nice.

Wow, Sara, your baby kimono is gorgeous!