Baby Kimono Please Someone Help


I want to knit a plain, wrap style kimono. I’m a beginner. Just a V neck, with sleeves, cross over tie on side. If it could be all one piece even better. I’ve looked but can’t find anything just plain and simple.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

The book Mason Dixon Knitting has exactly the pattern you’re looking for - it’s called the Heartbreakingly Cute Kimono. It is done in cotton yarn in garter stitch, is one piece, has a v neck with a wrap-front. You can go to and click on their knitalong on the top right. People post pictures of their kimonos there practically every day.

Thank you. I’ll hustle over to Barnes & Noble and check it out. I hate to buy the whole book unless it’s really a must have. Wish I could find this pattern on line but I do sincerely appreciate your help.

The closest I know in free patterns is Blossom, but it has no sleeves. Maybe you could just pick up stitches round the armholes and knit sleeves? Not sure how that would work…