Baby Jacket

I made this for my 9 month old niece who lives in Cyprus.

It is Sidar 1708

I hope you all like it :slight_smile:

Very cute!

Beautiful! I’m sure she’ll look adorable wearing it.

That is just so cute!! Wow!

Just gorgeous and she will be one fancy baby!

I love it! Where’d you get the pattern. I love the color too!

Oooh I love it.

That’s so sweet! I’d also like to know about the pattern. :hug:

Sooooo cute! :inlove:

Hi , for those who asked whatthe pattern is.

It is Sidar snuggly dk 1708

I got mine from pearsons which is my local store.

:inlove: That’s adorable. Nice work!

Ah, I see now that you had that in your original post too. :teehee: Thanks for sharing!

Adorable sweater! You did a great job!

That’s really pretty!

It looks great!

Thank you all ,

Have a great weekend and happy knitting:muah:

Its beautiful. You did a great job. LOve the color too.:cheering:

congrats, it looks great

It’s adorable!!