Baby Jacket with custom made label

I just finished this jacket for my cousin’s baby. This is the first time I make my own label and I’m very pleased with it.
Here is where I got the instructions if you are interested:

:thinking: Maybe I should add that the little bunny in the label comes from before I get sued? :wink:

:shock: That’s so beautiful! And I love the tag too! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

That is so pretty! Very professional looking. :thumbsup:

That sweater looks ADORABLE :inlove:

And thanks for the great link for labels!

That is a gorgeous sweater!

Gina, that sweater is gorgeous!!! :thumbsup:

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the website where you make the custom tag!

That is a great sweater! It’s so cute! Love that label, too!

:smiley: Absolutely adorable…I love the label link, too :wink:

Very cute :heart: , I like the lable!

That sweater is precious! And like everyone else, I’d like to thank you for that great link! Now that I finally have access to a printer again, I can do things like this!

So sweet and thoughtful!

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I LOVE the sweater and the label is really neat. I want to make those one of these days!

Omigoddess how cute is that with the label on the hanger and everything. Nice job :thumbsup:

Thank you, thank you everyone! I’d like to add that I’m totally in love with this forum. I’ve learned so much from all of you, I’ve had a lot of fun reading your posts. Many laughs indeed, and I’ve increased my list of projects to a number that’s scary! Yoou are great :cheering:

:heart: :heart:

Happy :XX:


Terrific! I have some labels I ordered from Charmwoven, but I like the idea of creating really customized labels! Thanks for sharing!!


It’ adorable! Love the tag too…the bunny is perfect.