Baby , infant, toddler knitting

What are the practical things that i can knit for a baby? Since babies outgrow all the clothing very soon I don’t want to knit too many things and probably may not use them.

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Practical things… Hmmm…

Blankets - can be used for quite a while if they aren’t too tiny and often become objects of love and security

Toys - Same as above

Sweaters- some can grow with a child easier than others

Bibs - can be used for a few years unless they are too small

My 3 yo niece loved the dishclothes I made her mom. She thought they made great baby blankets. :slight_smile:

Her mom makes her lots of amiguri. They seem to go over very well with the toddler set.

Warm, washable sweaters can get a lot of use through hand-me-downs.

What Jan said. Hats aren’t too size specific either, one size will fit a couple of years. You can make sweaters slightely larger with longer sleeves and bodies and they can usually be worn for more than one season. After they get walking, babies grow taller faster than wider, there’s only a couple inches different in the chest for a 12 mo size and a size 2, though there’s about 4" difference in the length.

Here’s a body chart of measurements (not garment size) for babies and there’s a link to children’s sizes on the same site.

I knit blankets and hats for baby shower gifts. I do what I call stroller blankets - I make them about 32" square so they are not HUGE but work well in strollers, carseats, swings etc. When I do hats I tend to make them a size bigger b/c personal experience says babies heads grow exponentially. My son is 9wks old and his melon doesn’t even come close to fitting in any of the newborn hats that were knit for him.
The important thing to remember when knitting for baby is to use washable/soft yarn !

Thanks everyone,

I plan on knitting some blankets - 2or 3 ( How many do u think I should - one for home, one for stroller or car seat?)

3-4 hats ?? maybe - should I do them in different sizes?

some booties - again in different sizes?


a baby cocoon for pictures

socks maybe- i’m just a beginner
sweater I would like too , but i’m just a beginner so I would like to tackle the easier ones first.

I’m not pregnant yet, but hoping to be sometime this year, so I have no idea what all I would need .

would baby yarns from caron work fine?

Hmm… I’ve had two kids and I can tell you that 2 or 3 blankets might not be enough. They have a way of umm… pooping or vomiting on everything. :lol: You won’t [I]need[/I] as many hats, but they are fun to make. Same with booties.

blankets take a long time to knit. I could buy them maybe but I just wanted to make as many hand knit stuff as I can since not many things are hand made nowadays.

any other ideas as to what I can knit or crochet - please remember I’m just a beginner but I can follow a few patterns not complex ones.

what about socks? are they easy, I never tried DPN’s but have a full set of interchanges circulars from size 4 to 11.

Socks are not hard, but they will require several new techniques. If you want to make some it might be easiest to do some in a heavier weight yarn like worsted and call them booties. Or just make booties instead. Babies don’t need shoes till they start walking anyway.

Also… if you haven’t knit in the round yet I suggest starting with something larger than a sock/bootie. Like maybe a hat.

And I completely agree about the blankets. I’d make one or two, but buy the rest myself.

Another thought…if you are eco friendly and want to use cloth diapers you might try wool soakers, too.

from experience, having had 4 myself, I can tell you it’s the blankets that last the longest. the rest, they just outgrow. a blanket can start out as a nursing cover, graduate to a crib blanket, then on to a drag-it-everywhere security blankie. they last until they are worn completely out, mended, and worn out again.