Baby in a Bag

Out of absolutely sheer laziness, I have created a pattern. I wanted a pattern for a “baby in a bag”. It is basically a hooded pullover, but instead of ending at the waist, it just goes all the way past the feet and has a drawstring at the bottom like a sleep sack. The laziness part comes when I explain that there is not a bit of seaming at all. It is knit in the round, in one piece all way to the end of the hood. The sleeves are picked up stitches and also knit in the round. I have never designed a pattern before, so I would like for a volunteer or two to receive the yarn and the pattern in the mail and knit it up for me. You can keep the finished product as long as you give me feedback on the instructions and send me a pic of the finished product. Any takers?

I should mention, it is knit on 16" size 13 circulars and you’ll need size 13 dpns for the sleeves. I wish I could afford to provide the needles, because that would be cool, but I can’t. I will, however, provide the yarn!

Okay so here are the photos. It is knit with Bernat Breeze. Which is one of those yarns that goes thin and think. I honestly don’t love the yarn, but I bought a ton of it for a project and then didn’t do the project.
Anyway, what I love about this pattern is that it is truly seamless. Yes you bind off for the armholes and then pick up stitches to do the sleeves, but to me that is not seaming. Other than that sleeves, the entire garment is knit in one piece. :teehee:

WTG on designing :cheering: :cheering: I’m afraid I can’t do the knitting right now, but I know you are going to have lots of volunteers! :cheering: :cheering:

Well I hope so. It’s funny. I always that necessity was the mother of invention, but apparently it’s Laziness! I just hate to sew seams. I will decrease and increase and bind off and cast on and 3 needle bind off and knit in the round on circs AND DPNs, all to avoid seaming.

I can’t be the only one! :shrug:

Oh No, you are certainly not the only one, I DETEST seaming! Can’t stand it! Don’t even come close to liking it :roflhard: :rofl: :roflhard:

Good for you, designing a pattern! Necessity, laziness, whatever it takes, huh? I’m not a fan of seams either! :wink:

I sent you a PM.

And I responded. I am really excited. I have one volunteer. I think I have enough yarn to have a total of two volunteers. Unless someone wants to volunteer to knit it up with some other yarn. I guess I need to figure out the final guage, huh? HORRORS!

PM’ed you

Posted some pics of it!

PM sent…it’s adorable! And BTW… I HATE seaming! :teehee:

If I can find the right size circulars locally, I’m game!


BTW…I have yarn so all I’ll need to know is what type… worsted, baby, whatever…

Ohh that is so cute Carmen! I’d love to make one sometime in the near future.

I was wondering if there is a sub for this yarn though? I don’t remember seeing Bernat Breeze at Wal-mart. :shrug: I’m wondering if RH baby clouds would work.

I was planning on just using regular baby or worsted yarn. :shrug:

pm’d you if you are still looking for volunteers!

Would it be possible to use a 19 inch circular? That’s the size I get with my Boye interchangeables. Then I’d just have to hunt down size 13 DPNs (although I wonder if I could fudge that slightly with my 11s). I figured you needed 16 inch because that is the standard, and the usual next size up, 24 inch, would probably be too long.

Towards the top, knitting in the round with the 19" will get a little tight. You could always do two circs though. Same with the arms. Have you done knitting in the round with two circs? I just learned a few weeks ago and I love it. I don’t think you need to buy needles just for this project.

I just learned 2-circulars too, but I only have the one set of 13s in my Boye set, although isn’t there a trick where you mismatch the ends on two circs so you still end up knitting with the one size? :thinking:

Please let me know if you still need knitters…I have needles. both the circular and dpn.

To all volunteers:

I will send the pattern to anyone who wants to knit it! Thank you all so much for volunteering. I only have yarn for the first three people who already volunteered, but if you have yarn and are willing to give it a go, I am happy to have you help me out. I really appreciate it. I was originally going to finalize the pattern and send out the yarn and stuff today, but I decided to throw together a shrug for me and matching sweater for my dog for our halloween costume, so I am behind a day :teehee: . Hopefully I’ll be done with that tonight, so I won’t be sending anything out till at least Tuesday.

If you have already sent me your address, great, if not, PM me with your address (or email address if you’d like to receive the pattern via email).

Thank you again so much! I can’t wait to hear all the (totally honest!) feedback! :hug: