Baby hug me tight pattern... can anyone please help?

A friend has asked me if I know of a baby hug me tight pattern, in DK yarn (Sport weight?). I don’t have one I can lend her, but wondered if anyone knows one, either a free pattern on the Web, or in a book or leaflet she can buy.

She’s tried eBay without any luck.

This seller on ebay looks like they might have something similar. Sometimes if they don’t have exactly what you want listed, you can contact the seller to ask and they may actually have what you’re looking for. Since this one has similar patterns, you might want to try them: Annalaia-Patterns-and-Designs

Don’t know if that helped or not. Good luck!

Thank you. I’ve passed the link onto her. Its not an easy pattern to find, so hopefully this seller will be able to help.

Hello fellow Ozzie! Lincraft has one in their “Knit one Purl one” Baby book. Its $6.99 or free when you buy ?$30? (:?? can’t remember) dollars worth of their own brand yarn.

Hi Miss Molly, as my log in name says i,m not a knitter myself, but I was searching the internet for a particular baby’s matinee coat for my wife and I came across your request. The particular pattern I have in mind is from the Sirdar ‘Sunshine’ series No. 101. I have a copy I can let you have if you can give me an address. (e-mail or snail mail).

Wow, I didn’t expect such wonderful help… this forum is great! THANK YOU Firey Vixxen and Knotaknitter. :muah:
Knotaknitter, I’ll send you a message.

i am chasing a pattern for the much sought after hug me tight… i see in a forum that you may have a copy of this pattern. can you let me know how i go about tracking one down, or is this a site that les you share patterns? im cant follow a pattern, for nuts, but i used to knit the hug me tight for my kids, all those years ago, and now i have a one week old great niece, and i love the idea of knitting one for adisson rennee. my fingers are ridden with arthritis, but cos she is so young, i reckon i will still be able to do it…

Patterns are not to be shared on any site unless they’re your own. Copyright law prohibits that.

Hopefully you can find a pattern for what you’re looking for.

I’ll bite…what’s a hug me tight??:??

ha ha - I almost asked that too!

I googled around a bit yesterday and found an adult pattern or
so I’d say it’s a form fitting shrug kind of thing.