Baby Hoodie

Hello everyone!!

I’m casting on tonight during my TV shows for my first wearable!! I will be making this: for my little baby niece (4 months old, her name is Violet, awwww!):inlove:

I will post pics as it progresses. I have been knitting on and off for about 4 years but haven’t pushed myself past scarves and hats…so this is a big step!! I can’t wait to finish it so that little baby Vi can wear it!!! :woot:

I will need encouragement everyone!!:wink:

Cute pattern. I love LB Jiffy yarn. I recently made a baby blanket and booties and a bonnet from it.

I don’t have the yarn so I’m gonna sub with 2 strands of worsted yarn together…gotta knit up a gauge swatch and make sure it works! I’ve been trying to use my stash as much as possible!

thats the pattern i wanted to do! but i can not get the yarn in the uk im puting it on hold till i find a stand in yarn. i want to see photos how far have you got???

i am only on like row 7…i got really distracted during my shows tonight! i promise when i make more progress i will let you all know!!

i am using just redheart yarn, so i had to adjust my stitches to the new gauge. i got the measurements of my niece from my sister so as long as it meets those it should be fine :slight_smile:

Great pattern!!

Nice pattern! Can’t wait to see the finished hoodie:)