Baby Hoodie shoulder help

work 3 needle BO on 18 sts for both shoulders, leaving rem 12 sts from front and 28 sts from back on holders.

Thats all it says for shoulders and then it starts with the hood.

Im a little confused all together :slight_smile:

But do i need dp needles? or can i continiue with my circulars. and then what do i do?
lol this is my first pattern besides scrfs and blankets. And my knitting shop is not where it used to be since ive come back from vacation which is strange.

Thanks for the help

3 needle bind off is magic! :teehee: Well, it’s cool anyway. :wink:

You’ll need two double pointed needles or two straight however you want to use them. You could use a circ, but you’d only be using the needle tips part.

Directions and video are at the bottom of this page.

More help here if you need it.