Baby hoodie-HELP!

:hair:THis is the link to the pattern I’m doing-

I’m at the end of doing the back, and it says:

K8 (10, 11, 14), attach second ball of yarn, bind off 22 (22, 24, 24), k8 (10, 11, 14).
Working both sides at the same time, work 2 rows even. Bind off.

How do I work both sides at the same time when there are 22 bound-off stitches in between them?? I tried just knitting regular, but there was a big long strand in between the two sides and I’m not sure that’s right.:think:


When you attach the second ball of yarn and bind off, you’ll be working with 2 separate balls of yarn. Just knit from the first ball, then knit from the second. At least, that’s how I’m reading it. Hope this helps.

That pattern is adorable. Sknitter56 has it right. When you join the second ball of yarn, you work that side with that ball, and work the other side with the first ball of yarn. You never have a long strand between the two sides.

What they said points up :slight_smile:

Also – when you attach the second ball of yarn, you do the next bit of binding-off (and knitting) with that second ball /only/ – just let the first yarn dangle where it is. You’ll go across with the second ball, and come back as far as you can (up to where the bound-off stitches are), then let /that/ yarn dangle and pick back up on the other side (where the first yarn is), go across, and keep doing that. While you’re doing one side, the other side’s yarn will be waiting at the edge of the gap in the middle.

Thanks for the FAST reply! Before, when I attached the other ball of yarn, I had cut off the original ball that I was working with. :doh:

I get it now. Thanks again!


Good for you Heather! Sometimes we tend to “overthink” these pattern directions. I’ve learned to read through a pattern first, and think…"how in the world is this going to work? But when you actually start knitting the pattern, it all works out just fine.
Keep up the good work!:cheering:

Hello Nicole,
What progress have you made with the baby hoodie sweater? What colors are you using? I bought yarn yesterday – almond, berry, and violet in the Lion Cotton Ease – for a baby girl sweater. When I get to the top of the back, where it says to join another ball of yarn, I will just knit one side, leaving the other side on the needles, and then pick up the first side and finish it. There are only two rows. (And I only have one ball of each color.) Is there anything else I need to watch out for? I will post a picture soon.