Baby hoodie and bib overalls

Just perfect! Congratulations on your coming grand child!

the set is georgous. your grandchild will look adorable in it


Wow, Maureen, If I could knit with those clean lines and drape I could call myself a knitter!!! You’re gonna have a warm and comfy grandbaby. Wonderful!

awwww sweet set:)

What mess? You should see my desk!!! :rofl:

What a cute set! Congratulations on the new addition soon to be made to your family :slight_smile:

I love the overalls! I’m a sucker for babies in overalls! :heart:

Wonderful set!

So cute! I really like that shade of green. It looks so soft. I didn’t notice if anyone had asked you about the yarn and pattern. What yarn did you use and what pattern?

Thank you all for you kind words. I used Caron Simply soft. I found the pattern from links on KH.