Baby hates knitting!

This is going to sound totally and utterly crazy! BUT – This baby does NOT like knitting. The thought of picking up yarn makes me gag and feel sick to my stomach.

What on EARTH is wrong with me??? Seriously, though… if I even think about touching yarn I feel sick. My stomach is getting queasy right now just typing it out.

Umm… this baby does NOT like my hobby. Eek!!!

eta: you probably all think I’ve gone mad now. LOL But I swear it’s true… I have aversions to just about every food in the house, but who knew I could have an aversion to yarn???

Hey, I buy it. You’re still only 7wks, perhaps you’ll grow out of it?

I remember that Tia had a problem early in her pregnancy with knitting. The pregnant body is so weird, anything is possible–I bet it passes! :muah:

Wait till you’re about 12-14 weeks and then think about trying it again. I’ve had 2 and your body does some strange things the first 3-3 1/2 months. I think you should go buy some yarn that doesn’t smell (no wool) then see if it still makes you :ick:

Poor Rose! My son and daughter both hated when I would read, and reading is a passion of mine. When I was further along in their pregnancies and they were kicking, they would kick the books off of my belly (because I’d rest a lot of things there…it made a great table!!! :roflhard: ) Like everyone else has said, I’m sure it will pass. Weird things happen when you’re pregnant. The second pregnancy, loud noises really bothered me…how weird is that??? :teehee: Your hormones are so out of control in the very beginning…just give it a little bit of time. :heart:

I can’t even bear to touch it to put it away (the offending yarn) but the Opal sock yarn doesn’t seem to bother me. I keep thinking it’s all in my head but my doctor assures me that it’s just hormones and hopefully they will go away soon.

It’s so strange. I never had it this bad when I was pg with my two boys… My dad insists it must be a girl. LOL

My best friend had this exact problem! Unfortunately, hers didn’t change about till her last two months – and even then, she couldn’t knit with anything smaller than #13’s. Here’s hoping you fare better.

I had something like that happen, to me too.

One day, I bought some yarn that I thought was a really pretty maroon color. Within about two or three days, I couldn’t stand to look at it, let alone touch it. Like EssenceRose said, it got so bad I had to have my daughter hide it away for me because it bothered me so much. It only lasted about two weeks, but man – that was weird.

Wish I had some words of wisdom for you… hope it gets better soon for you!

My pregnancy with my Son was such a breeze, I had the flu and still can’t eat chicken noodle soup to this day (2 1/2 years later) but with my daughter (who’s almost 6 months) my face broke out, I was nausious all the time-I couldn’t toss leftover food from the fridge, or wash the dishes it just grossed me out. My hubby finally decided he’d do the dishes. And then he had to do them any way the last 5 weeks of my pregnancy beacause I was on bedrest due to premature labor (that sucked). I have to throw up and everytime I’d try to do the above I’d end up dry heaving. My two pregnancys were completely different and my kids are completely different.

I didn’t realize you were expecting…congrats!

I picked up knitting about two weeks before I found out I was pregnant with my second child. The “24/7” sickness got to be too much and I gave it up for six months or so. My husband said “You’re never knitting again, are you?” :roflhard: Guess that says something about my perserverance. (No, I can’t spell.) But honestly, I couldn’t bear to do something I liked while I was so sick…it would have ruined it for the rest of my life. In fact, I still have the last yarn I was working with when I temporarily gave up knitting, because when I look at it now, I honestly get nauseous. I sympathize!!! I say don’t ruin it, you can knit later. :slight_smile: Baby will love it when s/he has the coolest booties on the block!