Baby hat

I finished this this morning, it was a lot of fun and pretty quick to do. I had never done I-Cord before, so that was a new experience. An easy one thanks to Amy’s videos :slight_smile:

Very cute model! I love that colourway… I’ve made quite a few things for my not-so-little-anymore guy with that one.

Cute! I like the little loop!

What a cute hat - your model looks thrilled!

:lol: Yeah, she was just thrilled. She threw it off two or three times before I finally got her to keep it on long enough to take a picture.

Too cute…I love the loop. LOL, I was going to say that you had the most understanding kittie…standing so still, posing for the camera :smiley:

very cute!

Great job on the hat! :thumbsup: I :heart: the model!

Cute!! And a real live “cat in the hat”!!! :rofling:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

The hat is adorable! So’s your kitty, even though she is unhappy :wink:

Love the hat and the model! heh

Very cute! I love the colors and the loop!! And, how DID you manage to get a picture of your cat wearing the hat?!! :lol:

Thanks y’all. :slight_smile: As for the cat in the hat, I just had to keep putting it back on her (and stop laughing) long enough to take a picture. As soon as I put it down she had to sleep on it, I think she was trying to hide it under her rather rotund behind. :lol: