Baby hat with ear flaps

anyone know where to find a pattern for a baby hat with ear flaps [I]and [/I]a bill? (i can only find ones with just flaps)

my mom really frustrated me when she saw a woman at work knitting some and she told her she would pay her anything to make one for her to give to my cousin. i told her i would have loved that same offer! but i guess i started knitting after i moved away from home, but still. argh!

so any help would be appreciated.

Here’s an adult hat. The ‘bill’ doesn’t actually stick out, though.


Do you want a functional bill or just a cute bill? If just for the cuteness factor, there is a Knitty Gritty pattern (go to and Knitty Gritty) for Ugg-style booties with a matching hat. The hat is adorable, especially if you line the hat and the flaps.

i think that might be it. my mom even mentioned those colors.