Baby Hat with Bobbles

First time making bobbles!
Got the pattern from Girls Guide to Kids Knits.
Yarn is gleaned from a thrift store so don’t know exactly what it is but might be merrino wool (the beige varigated yarn). The coral is left over from another project and it’s Baby Soft coral.
I adlibbed on the pattern design.

Took two days of knitting time.

Want to start a collection of things to sell. This is number one!

The size is 0-3 months, but looks to me like it could be a large preemie size too.

Had fun making it.

downloading photos…I keep resizing the photo to smaller and smaller but am told the size it too large??? What’s up?

Keep trying!! I want to see the pic. I use photoshop to resize my photos, but I’m not sure what everyone else does.

To resize my photos, I use Irfanview, which is free to download and easy to use. I’d like to see the hat, too.

Are you resizing to 500 pixels on the longest side? Doing that usually brings the file size down, but it’s possible it’s still large and you may need to compress a bit more.

I am downsizing to 256 as the top number given is this or just above. 500 would be way to big, no?
What do you mean by the largest size Jan? The width of the photos?

Try looking under the “File” menu for “Save for the web” as an option. Or maybe under “File” “Save As”.

Hat on bear…Got it!

How adorable!!!

Awwwwwww! :smiley:

P.S. Is there help here for uploading photos? I use the IMG tags, and don’t know how else to insert one into a post.

P.P.S. Nevermind. I figured it out. :happydance:

There is a physical size of the photo and a file size. The file size allowed is 256mb or smaller, but physical size is 500 pixels on the widest side of the photo. If you want to send me the original I can size it and see what I get.

That is adorable on that bear! Nice hat!

Terrific! Were the bobbles hard to do? I have a child’s sweater pattern that I’m thinking about and the instructions seem to defy the laws of physics: knit into front, back, front and back of next st :shock:, turn P4, turn, K4, turn, P2 tog twice, turn, K2 tog. Knitting 4 times into the same stitch seems a bit tricky.


njknitter, I did a bobbled afghan square designed by Lily Chin, and that’s basically what it was… It went great until I went to skate camp with it and gabbed up a storm with other skaters - it ended up taking me four hours to do one row of bobbles because I kept forgetting where I was in the bobble sequence! :blush:

Oh my gosh, that is cute.

Very cute! I really like the color combo.

thanks for all the Kudos and the sizing info everyone.

Are bobbles hard? Well I am a “creative knitter”. I am not positive I am doing them exactly correct so I do it “creatively”. But I put the needle into the yarn as if to knit and put the yarn over then I pull the needle out and put it infront of the same stitch and put the yarn over again, then I pull the needle out and put it in back again, yo, and in front again, yo and then I pull it to the other right needle. Then I turn and knit five times, then turn again and purl the same five stitches again and repeat the five knit and then turn and repeat the five purl. My directions then say to K2tog and K1 and k2tog turn and then turn and purl 3tog. Wow, I can’t beleive I remembered all that by heart but I did! And they look fine to me. The part I am not sure I am doing correctly is the K behind the stitch and K in front of the same stitch, but like I say my way seems to work. You might want to look up that particular stitch/act to see the correct way to do it.

The daffodils were pretty!