Baby hat question

here are the directions:
CO 63 st
Rows 1-8 k1, p1 across the row, ending each row on k1
Rows 9-26 St st
Row 27 Decrease Rows: *k1, k2tog into back st.
Repeat from * across
Row 28 p
Row 29 Decrease row k1,k2tog across
Repeat until there are 12 sts left. p across.

Now how can i make this bigger… should i follow the same directions and just use a biger needle (done on size 3), or should i use the same size needle and add sts, or should i just find a new pattern!!
i really like this one 1. because it was easy, and 2 because it went with the sweater i made!!!

suggestions please!!! :thumbsup:

It’s looks like you can increase it to me as long as u use an odd # bc it’s done in seed st pattern which requires an odd # to create seed st. So, get your gauge; the head circumference that you are going for & reduce it about an inch or inch 1/2 for snugness & multiply gauge by circumference & then increase or decrease for an odd # & cast on & continue in pattern. Does this makes sense :?? ?!

yeah it makes sense…only the pattern didn’t have a gauge…thats another reason why i used it…don’t really understand that yet! :oops:

I’ve made things with bigger needles. In fact, a kids’ sweater pattern I did said that was the best way to increase for one particular sweater because of the color pattern.

The only thing I don’t know is how many needle sizes to go up. Since it’s not big, it’s worth the experiment.

Or, you could try casting on 66 or 69 sts…any multiplre of 3 would work, since the decrease rounds just ask you to k1 k2tog. Im not sure you want to go up TOO many needle sizes, because the fabric would be looser and not as warm.

ok… i think i’ll try it on the size that i did the sweater on!


Good :smiley: !! You got it straightened out :wink: LOL, bc I completely would have messed u up about seed st being odd #'s… :oops:…bc I had no idea if u were working it flat or with circs! Circs would be odd # & flat even…anyway…you worked it out :cheering: :cheering:

If I know anything, I know how to make a baby hat bigger! :slight_smile: I have three different kid/baby hats that I love to make over and over, and Ive never made them the same size yet. Same goes for kid hats. Some hats Ive made for a 10 year old, a 3 year old and their American Girl Doll! All same needle size.

Ok heres what Id do. First stay with the same size needles. Use the gauge from the hat you already knit to figure out the new hat. Just measure an inch and count how many stitches you have. Now measure the babies head. Multiply head dimension by number of stitches per inch. As was said earlier you may want to subtract about 1/2 inch or 1/4 of stitches off to create snugness. I would do the first hat flat on long circulars (ew, but you may not have size three circs with a long circ. Hmmm, Ok after you knit the band on whatever needles, I would move it to a circ (size doesnt matter, circumfrence of hat will) then you can use the circ part to put on the babies head to see if the size is going to work or not. If you need to rip it out its just the band. And if its a pattern done in the round, you can just rip it out and start over with your new dimensions.

Ive only had to rip out once with this method. I am pretty good now at just looking at the hat and the baby and adding it all up. And sadly this method only works if you have readily access to the baby.

And by the way I love this pattern, Im gona knit one up during church this morning. Much bigger as this pattern looks like a premie hat. :slight_smile: And unfortunately my babies have BIG heads! Thanks for the pattern.


Candace, I was unable to go to church this a.m…I’m usually there & knit while my husband practices before church…you knit during church?! …I’m a curious kinda girl…and NICE TO MEET YA :wink:

thanks Candace. i stayed with the same needles. i tried useing 10.5 and it was still the same size… i just cast n stitches till it ws the size i wanted!! :oops: it not for my baby so… i don’t have the head to measure :rollseyes:
my church is was yo involved to knit during…

Hi Rebecca,

Yes I just started knitting during Sunday School and church. We homeschool our two big kids 10 yo and a 7 year old, and I help my parents and husband run four family businesses, and I have a three year old! So with this new (AND LAST!) baby “appeared” as my 7 year old still thinks, <giggle> I decided that knitting at church is gona be ok, how else will I bless my babies with my knitting?

My ten year old got baptised this morning (I only knit during sunday school and during the sermon). Its been a really great day! When she was born it was a very dangerous birth and the fact that she lived through it and through NICU and that we were able to bring a healthy baby home and to be able to have raised her is such a blessing! So today is a very good day!

I just put a knitting project in my bible/book bag, cause the kids always come home with tons of stuff. And if it doesnt go in the bag it ends up on the inside of my truck. Hats and easy decrease on hats seems to be my favorite project for church right now. The pastors wife thinks its cool, and my dh is a deacon and has said nothing about it. heh.

What does your dh practice? An instrument?

Nice to meet you Rebecca.