Baby hat pattern with skull?

Does anyone have a pattern I could use to make a hat for a newborn that has a skull or skull and crossbones on it? I know it sounds wierd but the people having the baby just have it stuck in there heads that i’m going to make one for them. I prefer to knit in the round but i’ll do it flat if i have to.
Thanks guys!

Can’t think of one off hand but I know there are a few small charts around that you could incorporate into a baby hat pattern. I think there are some on if you do a search. They are definitely around.

Hiya squidy,

You could just use a regular ol’ baby hat pattern (simple ribbing and stockinette stitch) and I found the most adorable silly “skull” pattern of ravelry in the freebie pattern section.
Here is the link to the chart
She has some other ones on there that are your more “normal” skull charts.:thumbsup:

Thanks a lot guys! Just thought i’d check and see if there was some sort of fab pattern out there. I’ll just add a chart. Soooo- does anyone know what number of stitches you should use for a newborn? Oh and they want it in black with a white skull but i don’t think i’ll find any baby weight black wool. Any suggestions? What would be delicate for a baby? I don’t know much about newborns so I know these are probably stupid questions. Thanks for any help!!!

:thumbsup: Hiya Meg,
Have you looked at Caron’s Simply Soft? Is more dk weight than worsted, light, soft, and to top it off it comes in black. You also might want to check out LionBrand microcspun. It too also comes in black.

I think there was one in a KnitScene. I’m not at home now, but can check later. It might have been the Valentine issue from last year. It was a baby skull and cross bones set.


The LYS carries a favorite of mine, Baby Ull (I think the company is called Dalegarn? It’s from Norway). Superwash merino wool, mmmm soft!

Are you on Ravelry? If so look at these, not quite what you are looking for but may inspire. Also a chart for you.

in the SnB Nation book theres a pattern for a baby sweater , with a skull and cross bones motif , maybe that would help? its called baby’s first tatoo sweater … its cute, but i dont know anyone punky enough having kids to make it for…

I kind of have a pattern…lol…I just did a basic hat pattern and incorporated my own skull chart…These hats have been incredibly popular, I’ve made a ton of them for people! Let me know if you’re interested!

I made this one for my son: